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Thread: Looking for a used Video Card

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    Looking for a used Video Card

    I am looking for a used PCI-EXPRESS VIDEO CARD WITH 1 GIG DDR RAM. If anyone has one please contact me. I need it for a new Flight Sim I have. I don't know if this is the right place for this post, but here it is.

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    Buying used computer guts is risky business.
    If you have a local computer users group contact them. Most have tons of stuff donated to them. Some gets refurbished and reused but there are always lots of left over parts.

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    Gotta agree w/ Frank. Buying used computer parts...sketchy at best.

    Post the actual requirements for the game Larry, that will help with finding you the right part. There are 3 different PCI express types out there now. What type does your motherboard support?

    Here is one I found just doing a quick search on

    49.99 after rebate.
    Go ahead and run clown, with those big floppy shoes, you won't get far.

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