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Thread: Walnut Logs

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    Walnut Logs

    WooHoo. One of the guys I work with went to Missouri to see his brother, mom and dad. He asked me on his way out the door if I would like some walnut wood. I said sure that would be great. Boy was I surprised when he showed up. I couldn't believe my eyes. He brought 5 logs all over 6 ft long and the smallest is about 12 1/2" with the largest being 18" in diameter. The tree came down in a storm last week so he brought me the trunk which was 27 1/2' long. I figure there are about 35 to 40 bowls unless I use some of the smaller one for HF's. The big one weighs somewhere between 200 and 300 lbs. Got the ends waxed. So guess I will cut them into blanks this weekend if I can lift them. The neighbor said I could use his arm lift. Oh what a problem to have.
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    Bernie W.

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    Great score. Free wood and delivered to your door.

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    Wow, really nice score Bernie!

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    VERY nice score, Bernie. If you run out of ideas for using that walnut, you can send some to me!!
    Nancy Laird
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    Man, what a score.

    I wish I had some friends like that. Great score.

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    Bernie, good thing you live halfway across the country from me. Otherwise "Honest Vaughn's Midnight Log Removal Service" might be showing up in your neighborhood.

    Congrats on the haul. I see some walnut NE bowls in your future.
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    living in SW Missouri I can say that it was a very destructive storm. We had winds over 90 mph which did do tremendous tree damage.. So I am glad that a few people are getting to use the otherwise wasted trees... Good for the tree service people and wood turners...
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    Boy Bernie, that really is too bad, all that lousy Walnut to contend with........... you must be getting sick and tired of all that Walnut by now.......

    Yeah right

    Great haul, and a great friend too!
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    Good on you, Bernie. You can't beat walnut. Really a nice haul.

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    Very nice score. Ye going to slab it or cut into chunks for turning?

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