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Thread: Cherry Burl Hollow Form

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    Cherry Burl Hollow Form

    Pete Jordan tossed a piece of cherry burl into the box as an extra bonus a while back in a pen exchange. I was hoping to make arrows out of it, but as you can see, the grain is not straight at all, so it would have made very poor arrows.

    Attachment 32922

    So I decided to hollow it out and do the best I could with this horrific piece of wood. (Plus, I figured I couldn't let Steve Schlumpf be the only guy turning Southwest forms...heck, I grew up there.) Despite its ugliness, the wood cut and finished nicely. It's about 7" wide and 3 1/2" tall, finished with Formby's Tung Oil Finish, then tripoli and Renaissance Wax buffed. It's very, very smooth. LOML says it feels like alabaster.

    Attachment 32923 Attachment 32924 Attachment 32925 Attachment 32926 Attachment 32927 Attachment 32928 Attachment 32929

    And here's an animated version, just for fun.

    BTW, I don't think I ever posted a pic of the sweet pen Pete made for me. It's been so long since he sent it, I've forgotten what type of wood it is, but it's gorgeous. (Hopefully he'll chime in with more details about the pen.)

    Attachment 32930

    Many thanks to Pete for the pen, and also for the superb piece of cherry burl. I think this is the nicest cherry burl I've ever turned.

    I'm open to any comments and critiques, good or bad -
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    Man you talk about a sweet piece of wood.great job as always. Someday maybe i'll get half as good.

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    Wow Vaughn, you did it again. That is a beautiful piece.

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    very nice vaughn!!! and i even like the film strip it takes less time in the area of the turners that way, so i wont get the affliction
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    Vaughn thats some beautiful work. I like the pic that looks down in the form and shows the hole in the bottom. How did you make the animated film and what program did you use? Every time I try a hollow form the top of it runs up my hollowing tool at some point.


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    Beautiful hollow form Vaughn! Amazing wood! This one has the wild grain patterns that you always hope you'll find in cherry! Love the form and all the character of the piece!

    You should be proud of this one! Very, very nice work! Thanks for sharing!

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    That gets a rare, "Wow!" from me.

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    Vaughn, this is beautiful! Did the hunk o burl look this promising when you mounted it?
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    Awsome piece of wood there and ye found a nice bowl/vase/holler form inside it. Looks like it might leak though.

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    Vaughn you do amazing work. I find it hard to believe you cant make a full time living from your work. But then I guess the fun would be taken out of it.

    You sure are an inspiration to me.

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