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    Just like to say "Thank You" to Vaughn for sending the Pen Press i won in the prize draw. It made it's trip across the pond in one piece and i
    am overjoyed with it. The quality of the work is "Great" and i can't wait
    to give it a try out. To the maker i would like to give a big round of
    applause as well as my gratitude for taking the time to make such a great
    piece of work, and for offering them to the winning forumites to use, if
    there are any more prize draws for these pen presses i suggest you get
    your name in and keep your fingers crossed. Many thanks to you both.

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    Kevin, I was just the middleman. The real tip of the hat goes to Joe, who made them and donated them to the forum.

    Enjoy it, and we'll be looking forward to seeing the results.
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