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Thread: Thank You, all of you.

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    Thank You, all of you.

    After reading and re-reading all the post that have been made to Cathie and I, I feel so blessed to have all of you there to give me the support that I couldnít have gotten in such abundance here locally. I thank you all and I know Cathie would too for taking care of me in a special way that only friend and family can. Your kind words have been a very big comfort to me over the last five days. I also want to give a thanks to those who PMíed me with things that you or your family have or are going through too, my heart goes out to you.

    Yesterday was a rough day. I went into the mortuary to see Cathie one last time before the cremation. She looked so peaceful laying there. I took a friend with me for support as I didnít know how I would handle the viewing. I found that other than a real big lump in my throat and a tear in my eye I did good, that is as long as I didnít have to say anything for a while. To give here a send off I went to the little Mexican restaurant that we went to every Friday night. She liked Dos Equis and margaritas so I had one of each and her favorite dish. I got several odd looks from the staff as they have never seen me there alone before and I didnít feel like talking about it at that time. Today I drove back into Hilo, and brought Cathie home. She is with me now both spiritually and fiscally until I decide to spread her ashes out on the hill on the other side of the yard in front of the lani, where I can see where she is when Iím out having a drink and listening to the cardinals in the trees.

    Thank you again for all the kind words. I will answer all the PMís very soon too. I will get past this with time and I know it will be easier having the support of this fantastic group of people.


    What goes around, comes around.

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    Royal, as you can tell, our hearts are with you. Don't hesitate to let the Family know if and how we can help. As you've requested in your PM, I'll lock this thread. If anyone wants to add any word here, they can PM you.

    Be well -
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