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Thread: stripped screws

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    stripped screws

    Guys: I have two torx screws in a plastic base that will not budge. Possibly they are stripped although their location makes it difficult to tell. I don't care about saving the screws but would like to save the base. Any ideas, suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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    Reverse twist drill bits and be very careful?

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    stripped screws

    If there is some of the Torx star left, try a proper sized Torx bit with an impact driver, either the hammer type, or a cordless one.

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    I use that thing you see on TV that takes out stripped screws I found it at the box stores it works very well.

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    epoxy the screw head to the driver. Then pull it out.

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    If you grind the torx wrench end FLAT so it has sharp edges - do not deburr.

    Then push REALLLY hard into the torx screw. You want the srape edges of the wrench grab into the bottom of the torx socket. Hopfully the bottom of the torx pocket is not stripped as bad. Maybe it will grab enough to unscrew.

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    I'll try it, Leo.

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    There's an old fix that sometimes works for Allen heads that might work on Torx. Just use a dab of old fashioned valve lapping compound on the driver tip.


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    Attn: Leo

    First, I would like to thank everyone who offered ideas to solve my problem.
    Second, The first one I tried was from Leo Voisine, and it worked like a charm.
    You are the man Leo.
    I am sure many other suggestions would have worked.....I just didn't get that far.
    Thanks again Leo and everybody.


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