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Thread: tempered glass doors vs some sort of acrylic

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    tempered glass doors vs some sort of acrylic

    Has anyone used any form of acrylic, lucite, plastic, etc. instead of a tempered glass door in a piece of furniture.
    I want tinted, and Im not sure how it will look.

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    In my experience the plastic will attract dust and scratches. If a project involves hours of work and $$$ for materials, it should have tempered glass. Remember that my opinion is worth no more (some say maybe even less) than what you paid for it.
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    My experience with plexiglass,lucite and acrylic plexiglass is that you need to watch what you use to clean it with. Some cleaners will eventualy yellow it and will end up with fine scratches from using paper towels. The tempered glass you can get in smoked, a dark tint that has a hint of blue in it and then theres one more I can't remember.

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    Nothing to add to what has been said. Any form of plastic, plexiglass, policarbonate or such will get scratches, I would stick to glass in any form.
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    They all read my mind Allen, besides your work deserves the best, no plastic for you

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    Another glass vote allen
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    allen, this is gonna be one of those rare times when i tell you that you should listen to larry... go with the glass
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