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Thread: Ci1 Cutter Source

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    Ci1 Cutter Source

    Today i had a chance to test out some cutters for my Ci1 i have.....In short they are the same and work perfectly as the originals in my opinion. I bought a pack of 10 and 1 radius cutter - put them up to eachother and side by side and there is no difference in thickness or anything else i can tell. i roughed out several bowls today using it and it works perfectly fine......on the AAW forum someone else posted the vendors name and add etc - i wanted to wait before expressing my opinion until i tried them....In short im glad i bought them and will continue using them - below is the information if anyone else is interested......

    I finally found 2" radius carbide insert for Ci1 Easy Rougher.
    They are designed specifically for wood cutting.
    Made in US by Dehart Tooling

    PO Box 3367
    1433 9th Ave SE
    Hickory, NC 28603

    Official name of these inserts: Square Knives Radius & Pointed - 4 Cutting Edges
    Micro Grain Tungsten Carbide
    Part No 06103-019773-14

    Craig(Ci1 guy) sells 3 types of inserts for Ci1:

    1 Ci1 Square Roughing Cutter
    2 Ci1 R4 Roughing/Finishing Cutter
    3 Ci1 R2 Finishing Cutter

    The last one(I like it the most) till now was nowhere to be found other than at Craig's at $14 a pop.
    Square or 4" radius inserts are available everywhere for about $3.

    I don't know the price of 2" radius insert yet but I am sure it'll be around $3-4 each. You'll probably will have to buy 10 pack though.

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    Got a "not found" message at those links. Also says the page is being worked on.
    Sure would like to find a reasonably priced source for the round cutters.

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    Got the same results. I like the Ci1 and Ci0. Don't want to go against the Easy woods products ,but the economy can dictate budgets. Savings is the key at this time!

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    Then hunt around some.
    No a well laid out site but I found them..

    Or you might try this...


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    Link to DeHart tooling

    the above web add will get you to the site........they have them and the radius cutters.......prices are very good............Dan

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