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Thread: FS: Nice old Stanley marking gauge

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    FS: Nice old Stanley marking gauge

    Another item rescued from an estate sale. This is a Stanley marking gauge, and it has a few nice features. First, the tightening knob is brass, second, it has a brass fence for following curves, with a patent date of Jan 12 86. [That's 1886]. This additional fence feature allows one to mark a line in from the outside of a curved edge.

    I replaced the marking pin with a honed drill rod, shaped as suggested by Frank Klausz. Third, it has the handlebar mustache brass wear strip on the fence. It came missing the brass piece which protects the beam from the brass tightening knob. I replaced this with a piece I made. Lightly cleaned and waxed. Ready for the next 100 years.

    $25 shipped in the CONUS. Paypal or check.

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