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Thread: New turnings, *#8 and the LAST*

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    New turnings, *#8 and the LAST*

    Finally took the time to photo what i've made recently. Rather that shotgun them all in one post, I'll show them one at at a time over the next few days (to prolong your pleasure) First up is a cherry HF made from a chunk that Larry M gave me, thanks again Larry! About 10" dia with a desert ironwood collar. I've never turned green cherry before, it was about the sweetest stuff I've ever turned. Finish is Antique oil. Sorry about the fuzzy photos, I think I need to invest in a decent camera.
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    Barry that is a beauty. Really nice form and finish.
    Bernie W.

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    Dang, that's gorgeous, Barry. I love the figure in the wood, and the contrast with the collar looks good now, and should continue to look good as the cherry darkens.
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    Fuzzy or not, that is just beautiful! Like Vaughn, I love the figure, too. Ya done good! Look forward to the following presentations.
    Lee Laird
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    ya dun it up right barry you think that smeeled good, i cut some apple last night and that makes cherry smell sour in comparison..
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    Sweet is right.

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    Gorgeous, Barry, just a gorgeous piece of wood turned into a beautiful HF.
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    Wow, Berry, that is an awesome HF.

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    Those HF just me. As I have a fan behind me blowing dust away from me, when I have tried this type of turning, the wood hits the fan!!!! Very nice and am envious of all of you with this specific talent.

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    second piece

    This was made from a Eucalyptus of some sort. The bark was very thick and rough like some pines are. I tried to retain the full layer of bark in this piece, cause it was very unique looking, but it was just too crumbly; so I gave it a haircut. Dia is about 9" at the widest. Finished with laquer (I think, I've lost track of all the different stuff I've been using in my quest for the holy graille of finishes)
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