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Thread: Another Sugar Maple HF

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    Another Sugar Maple HF

    No catches on this one! Very simple form, 5 in diameter x 3 high and finished with wipe-on poly.

    Attachment 33138 Attachment 33139 Attachment 33140 Attachment 33141 Attachment 33142

    As always, comments, opinions and critiques are welcome!

    Thanks for looking!

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    You can always tell when spring has sprung in the UP...Steve is turning out wonderful finished pieces every day....

    Another fantastic pience Steve.
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    Again Steve very nice. Well done


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    Very cool!!
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    Very nice clean lines. I like that you kept the curve, both lower and upper. Very important in my way of thinking. The little upturned lip throws me off just a bit, but that is a personal thing. I like the whole thing with the simple wood and the simple design. Shows a lot about your skills. Nicely done.
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    Very nice work, Steve. Form-wise, my personal preference is to have less of a sharp shoulder, more approaching a catenary curve. (I've turned several with shapes similar to this one, too.) My opinion or no, you've made an attractive piece.
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    Great looking piece. Nice form and finish.
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