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Thread: Cherry dining table

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    Cherry dining table

    This is the table we swapped for a professional portrait of our Cavaliers. 40x78, simple tapered legs, bead detail on the apron. 'Spline' on the ends to cover up where I cut into three biscuits (after gluing half of the top upside down).

    First project out of the new shop.

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    Nice first project out of the shop, and great save on the end!
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    good going kirk! and a good catch on that spline redesign.
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    well done kirk did i miss somethin here i dont recall you showing us the final shop with the tools in it after you got it done,,,,, pics please
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    Very nice!
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    table looks perfect, although cutting into the biscuits, I thought only I do things like forget where to place them properly.
    nice recovery.
    (can you explain how you cut that stopped dado for the spline please. hand held router, on a table?)

    hey mark K, if you notice this thread, Mr.Constable held the tabletop on with wooden buttons he made(he even rounded over the edges on them).
    It looks like he used the biscuit cutter or maybe a slotted router bit, since I dont see one complete slot running the length of the apron, which you can do if you dont have a biscuit cutter or slotted bit.
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    Nice looking table!

    Thanks for showing the wood buttons used to hold the apron to the tabletop.

    Excellent job with the finish on the table underside.

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    If I could get a finish on a top like that, Id be someone.

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    Bea you tea full That one fine table Kirk. I think I said it before, that better be one great painting to equal that table

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    I like the spline Kirk. It adds something to the look of the table. Sort of like a reverse breadboard edge.

    See Allen its not a mistake if you can fix it or work it into the design.

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