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Thread: Cherry computer table

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    Cherry computer table

    This started out to be a small dining table, but I didn't like it... so I stuck a top on it and we'll call it a computer table. The base darkened up quite a bit sitting around the shop since November of '06. Top is 27 x 44-1/2, give or take. Now that this is outta the way, I can start trying to make some money to pay for the place.

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    how are you flattening your tops kirk? they look great.. now this one is cherry right or is some of your mesquite?
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    Great-looking table, Kirk.

    Since November '06, huh? Shame to see you rush through a job like this.
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    Very nice joinery!

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    Nice table Kirk. Now I can show loml that there are people out there that take longer to finish a project than I do.

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    This one took a bit longer than normal, even for me.

    I can put up with the pestering for a LONG time... but one day I realized jeez, it's been almost three years!

    I glue the tops up in pieces small (big?) enough to go through the 16/32, then put those pieces together carefully. I'm a 'wet wiper' when it comes to glue, so I just clean the final glue-up as much as possible in the clamps, then follow a normal finish sander schedule.

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