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Thread: Improved workstation

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    Improved workstation

    Hello everyone
    Here's a simple upgrade that should help in my shop organisation and productivity department.
    I built a simple box-beam stand with folding legs for my crappy mitre saw a few years ago, thinking it would be somewhat portable for trim jobs in the house, etc, but I think I only moved it a couple of times. Too heavy and awkward and I'd rather walk a dozen trips out to the shop to cut a piece of trim than get a hernia moving that thing myself.
    Well, the benchtop drill press has been tying up a valuable Workmate for two or three years (the things you get used to!) and the new mortiser didn't have a home. I didn't want to lift that puppy up off the floor too many times either.
    To cut to the chase, I did some modifications to the chop saw station one evening last week and here are the results. I was a little worried about the legs, so I beefed them up with a couple of Lee Valley 1 ton glides.
    It's sure not portable any more!

    Best regards
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    Improved workstation 003.jpg  

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    That's pretty impressive to me!

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    Looks great Peter!

    Nice that you can get out in the shop now that spring has sprung eh?
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    Very good Peter. I'm with you about the short walk. Far better to have a stable platform a few steps away then ruin your back carrying the saw and bending over to use it. Well done.

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    organization and change can make a world of differnce!! you helped your shop work flow out alot with this idea
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    Looks great. I like the idea of having the miter saw and mortiser share the same table, and the drill press is an added bonus.
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    Very well done. I love that the miter saw has material clearance over the other tool's bases.
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    Thank you guys.
    I saw the idea of having the bases all at the same level in someone's shop pics, or maybe one of those "Greatest Workshops" books somewhere and it stuck in the back of my mind. Of course, the pic was of an elegant built-in bench along a wall, with lots of storage underneath. Maybe I'll make that "version2" sometime, but a lot of stuff has to get worked off the list first!

    Stu, I actually get more shop time in the winter than this time of year, but it is nice to spread out into that cavernous, but unheated, space for the summer. The truck camper's in there now, for some pre-sale repairs (a can-of-worms story for another day). Gotta get it done quick because optimum sale time is right now and there are too many other things to do.


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