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    I am a member of another site that uses Vbulletin and the set up of that site has it so that I am able to see all new threads that I have not viewed regardless of how long it has been. I can click a hyperlink to mark forums read if I want, but this way I don't miss out as I do like to see all the threads I have not "perused". Currently, it appears this site marks posts as viewed by me automatically based on time. Additionally, if I post to a thread, it shows up to me as new posts and the other set up does not show it as new posts for the person that last posted. (I think I am talking in circles).

    Is this something I can change, or is it a system wide parameter that could be considered?

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    Sorry it took me so long to notice this question, Travis. I've seen the same problem with the "New POsts" not staying 'new' long enough to read them. I recall there is a control somewhere deep in the Admin Console that allow us to set the rules for when a thread has been read. I just did a quick look and couldn't find it, but I'll see what I can find when I have a bit of time. (Stu...Marty...any recollection where this switch it?) I also seem to recall there was some other tradeoff for setting the timeout period too high, but I don't remember the details.

    Thanks for the suggestion, and again, sorry I missed seeing this back when you posted it. We really weren't ignoring you.
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