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Thread: Building Swing Set

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    Building Swing Set

    Hey everyone! Sorry it's been so long since I've been on here. Have to make some serious rounds and check out what everyone has built since my last visit! Well as the title says, my sister knows someone that wants a swing set built and she sent them in my direction. As far as I know, he has parts to a swing set including the swings, arm for the swings, A frame for swings, a climbing wall, and a couple of slides. I'm assuming it is a Rainbow brand swing set. But he needs a tower built to connect all of the pieces. A couple of questions for ya...

    Any recommendations on wood to use? Should I use some green treated 4x6's for the basic frame and other misc. green treated for the other parts? Or do you think this will split and crack too much over time? Do you know of any Cedar timber available in 4x6? ...I suppose I should really check into this while I'm out driving around today

    Let's say I go with green treated pine, does anyone know if you can paint this or seal it in some way? Or if I go with Cedar, I would not want to paint it and cover up it's beauty potential... does anyone have any recommendations on a good stain and protective coat for such a thing? Thanks in advance everyone.

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    you can get posts cedar 4x4 most anywhere(I buy them at lowes, but use a few local lumberyards if Im getting redwood or red cedar). 4x6 might take a bit more looking.redwood, construction grade looks great for swing set forts.

    I use Thompsons deck sealent on alot of outdoor wood stuff.. I just dont know if it should be used on a swing set where theres always kids.
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    Try a local lumberyard that caters to pros rather than DIYers?

    Are the kids old enough not to eat the posts? Meaning, is toxicity going to be an issue for the treated wood?

    Best of luck with the project!

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    I'd avoid pt wood unless its a real budget issue. If you do use it you should cough up for s/s bolts etc.

    Personally I'd go for cedar or redwood.
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    what did you go with Westley?

    I was in the Lowes today near me, had to pick up some wood for some chairs and Im making new bar stools, but I looked over at their cedar. Only white, 2x4 and decking, and some 4x4s, but when I checked online, seems alot of stores carry full line red cedar in other places.
    Get one of those 10% off coupons they give away, its pretty decent on the pricing.

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    Well here's the swingset I've been busy on. Finished mostly everything. The only part I need to do is surround the whole thing with 2x8's on edge to give it a border and then it will be filled with pea gravel. As you can tell I went with green treated doug fir. I talked with the guy and that's what he wanted. He got the 2 slides, rock climbing wall, "A" brace, and swing arm with all the attachments for free from a friend who had all the stuff in his backyard. Then I designed and sketched out a picture for him and built it. Also filled the base with sand to play in. I used this newer product (or at least I think it's newer... never seen it before) for the roof that is sort of a rubber/something else mixed corrugated product made by a company called Ondura. It was easy to cut and I think it looks nice on the swing set. Sealed everything with an oil based sealer called RainCoat. I should say Angie sealed everything... she helped me one day while I finished assembling everything. Man am I a lucky guy All for the price of taking her out to dinner. Not a bad deal! Took 2 pics of my scrap pile too 'cause I was pretty proud of that Anyway, thanks for lookin, comments and critiques welcome
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    Swingset6.jpg   Swingset7.jpg  

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    Great play set! Those kids will be the envy of the neighborhood. From the looks of things, I suspect this guy will be pushing his grandkids on those swings! I can also appreciate the small scrap pile. That's not easy to do.


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    Ya done good young feller.
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    Awesome work on both the design and the construction. I'll bet you made some kids very happy.

    And in case you hadn't figured it out yet, I suspect Angie's a keeper.
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    Great work Westley!

    I do like the look of that roof. At first I thought it was metal and thought that it might need something on the edge to protect some little heads, but then went back and read that it was a rubber composite.

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