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Thread: Compressor for Garage and turning ?

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    Compressor for Garage and turning ?

    I have been looking for a bigger compressor for the garage other than my small pancake that i currently have. I saw this ad on Craigs list for a much larger compressor. The guy wants $350 for it. I dont know awhole lot about compressors so i thought i would see if anyone else out here has one or has some advice on if this is a good.....The link is below if it copied over alright............and thanks

    Campbell Hausfeld 6HP 60 Gallon Vertical compressor

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    That's not a bad price for that compressor. If you buy it for that price, you can probably get most of your money back if you sell it down the road. There are better quality compressors around, but that one should do what you're looking to do. Heck of a lot nicer (and quieter) than a pancake.
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    Compressor for Garage and turning

    Have you got it yet?if not you better get on it as that is a pretty good deal.Heck he might even come down a buck or two.

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    Emailed him back and he said it may be sold already but if not he would hold it for me until Tuesday..............ahhhh well ....ill let you know but thanks to all for the input

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