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Thread: Hackberry & Dalmata + gloat

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    Hackberry & Dalmata + gloat

    This is a piece that I had donated to the local art center for their fund raiser event. I did not take a picture before dropping it off but my wife took this picture at the event. The bowl is Hackberry (~ 12" dia) and the base is Dalmata (some wood I bought at SWAT last fall). This picture was clearly intended to capture the couple who got the bowl instead of the bowl itself, but it is the only picture I have at this time.
    The art center sold "gold" tickets for $100 and "silver" tickets for $25, the gold tickets have a time slot assigned. When a ticket holder's time slot comes up, they have their pick of any art piece. The silver tickets are drawn from a pot after all gold tickets are used. My gloat is that this bowl was the first piece of art taken. There were a few other wood turnings, and a number of paintings available to choose from.
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    Hey Dennis, that sounds like a gloatworthy event if ever there was one. Congrats on the recognition, and well done on the nice bowl.
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    Great looking bowl, It deserves the price and more.
    Congratulations Dennis!!
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    Nice piece of art work and it was recognized. Several ways.

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    ok dennis that is fine looking work but did yu learn something on this??? like take pictures before it leaves the shop hope so yu, will always wish yu had done so on this one...
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    Ditto to all above!!!

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    Great looking bowl and congrats on the recognition.
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    Good for you, Dennis! Bet that was a great feeling. Nice bowl too!

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