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Thread: Long time no post... SawStop Cabinet finished - finally

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    Long time no post... SawStop Cabinet finished - finally

    I have not been in my shop at all. Got caught up in a web site side project. I think I am about done with any excitement at all from websites. Looking forward to building my skills in my shop.

    I finally got my cabinet finished that goes under the SawStop extension table.

    Here are some final pictures. There is a large album of the entire build here
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_0548.JPG   IMG_0553.JPG   IMG_0558.JPG   IMG_0566.JPG  

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    Wow - I really like that!
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    That looks great!
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    Welcome to the SawStop club! I'm sure you will like your's as I do mine. Good looking cabinets and perfect place for some storage.

    How do you like the sliding table? Do you feel like you've given up anything positive?

    Lee Laird
    Austin TX

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    I love my sliding table !!!

    I never operated the saw without it so I do not know what I gave up.

    But, I know I make better cuts and the operation is much easier. If you look at the album for the SawStop cabinet, you will see pictures of me cutting very large panels with NO trouble at all.

    My only disappointment is the slider is really not made for a sawstop. The saw stop table is thicker than standard saw and you really have to grind out the openings to get it to work. I do actually intent on removing it and remounting with better "washers". Look at some of these pictures ( 33-39) and you will get an idea....

    All that said, I would do it again. I got my slider on a 25% off price so it was not too bad.

    My outfeed table is also a very big help.

    I also raised my saw 1 1/2". I am 6'2" tall. The saw table was just too low.

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    Hey Bartee, good to see you!

    I love the cabinet, that is on my list of things to make when I get a chance, I really need some storage under the saw!

    My back bench has worked out well too!
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    Nice job. Bartee. I like the pull out tray at the top of your cabinet. I can never have too much horizontal space in the shop.
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    Very nice to see you back. Very nice saw and cabinet. I really dig the blade storage.
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    Great job Bartee. Good to have you back. Nice build pictures too.

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    Thats a very nice looking cabinet for your sawstop Bartee. I think when I build a cabinet for my ridgid saw I'm going to try and incorporate a pullout shelf in mine for prints, pencils and other assorted items that I always set on top of the saw and get in the way.

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