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Thread: acorn ornaments in june

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    acorn ornaments in june

    I bought a bunch of small turning blanks from a guy a couple weeks ago. They range in size from pen blank size to about 4x4x36. I got the lot for 20 bucks. All different kinds of wood were included, apple, osage, walnut, maple, oak, cherry, a lot of I don’t know also. I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do with it but I couldn’t pass it up.

    I ‘ve seen the birdhouse ornaments on here and other places several times and thought I’d try to make a few using this wood. I have a supernova 2 chuck for my lathe but I only have the 50mm jaws that came with it. I made a trip to woodcraft the other day with the intentions of getting a set of 25mm jaws. While I was there I was talking to one of the guys who turns a lot. I asked about the ornaments and such and he pointed me toward the pin jaws. I’m glad he did. They really work well and do exactly what I need. He also showed me several he had made and sketched how he made them. Here’s a few pics or what I’ve been up to. Man these little things are addictive to make.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails wood blanks (1) (Medium).jpg   wood blanks (Medium).jpg   birdhouse (1) (Medium).jpg   birdhouse (2) (Medium).jpg   birdhouse (3) (Medium).jpg  

    birdhouse (4) (Medium).jpg   birdhouse (5) (Medium).jpg   birdhouse (6) (Medium).jpg   birdhouse (7) (Medium).jpg   birdhouse (8) (Medium).jpg  

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    Very cool work, John. Looks like you definitely got the hang of making them.
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    John, those are really nice looking! I will have to remember them this fall for my students. Be good project for presents!

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    John those are some good looking acorns. If you are like me I need to do them in June or it will be Christmas and I am not ready.
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    John i've seen them also,but yours make me want to go out in the shop and give it a try. nice job.

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    Those are nifty John! You've been very productive! Looks like a great way to use scraps!

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