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Thread: A Pair Of Remington 7mm

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    A Pair Of Remington 7mm

    Magnum Rifle Cartridge Twist Ballpoints with Velvet Farmed Elk Antler and Deer Head Clip. Brass and Copper Bullet Nib cleaned, polished and has 4 coats of Lacquer.

    As always comments and or suggestions appreciated.
    Thanks for looking.


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    Very well done.
    I have never seen that kind of color in antler. But, you said it was still in velvet when harvested. Wonder if the color will remain.
    Definitely keepers.

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    Those looks real nice Les I like the top one best and like Franks said I haven't seen that color before. Great work.

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    Great looking pens Les. I like the antler color on both.
    Bernie W.

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    Les, you are a pen-making machine. This is another great one. I also like the coloring in that antler.
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