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Thread: Dog A-Frame Agility ramp

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    Dog A-Frame Agility ramp

    I would like to build my dog an A-Frame agility ramp. She was on one during a vacation we had and she loved it and my wife is bugging me to build one now that I am an "official" woodworker

    Does anyone have any plans for building one? I have any idea on how to do it but would love to work off plans.

    Dan Thibert
    Leominster MA

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    Hi Dan.

    You can check here: http://www.australian-shepherd-lover...ity-plans.html there are several links that may help you.
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    Thanks Toni
    Dan Thibert
    Leominster MA

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    If you don't find what you want, do a web search for building dog Agility Equipment. Also make sure to use some sort of non slip surface, or at least some cleats very foot or so. Keeps them from slipping down like they do trying to walk up a slide. If the dog likes the A-Frame, you might take a class on Agility. My wife loved working Agility with our now oldest, and Taz loved it too, but at 8 1/2 and just recovering from a weird illness, her Agility days are probably behind her. Our youngest just isn't built right to jump without a lot of effort. Jim.
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