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Thread: need y'all to keep a secret

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    need y'all to keep a secret

    Some of you might recall my endless posts about the Hawaiian vacation my son and daughter-in-law treated us to last March.
    Well, I wanted to do something to thank them. Repaying the treat would be impossible.
    While there, on the island of Kauai, we stopped at a great store that features items made by the owners from native Koa wood. I bought a box and had it shipped home.
    Later I asked here for help designing some pen stands. I got a lot of good ideas. While I didn't use any one of them, they did inspire me to come up with these. I wanted something that suggested Polynesian/Asian/Hawaiian. These are not too different than some sword stands I found on the net.
    The lines were kept simple. I feared that if I started rounding or otherwise messing with the sides I would end up with something strange. Hope it worked.
    I bought coral and shells while there and originally planned to glue some on. But, I decided that could make them look like a kindergarten art project. Simple is what I kept it.
    The box contained one piece of figured Koa and that is what the pens are turned from. They are the Gentleman style in titanium gold. This is a very large pen and more intended as a desk pen than to be carried.
    Now, these won't be given until the 29th. I know we have several members here who live not far from my kids. Please don't spill the poi.
    BTW, the Hawaiian words on the bottom, 'Mahalo Nui Loa' mean 'Thank You Very Much'.
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    way to go frank!
    benedictione omnes bene

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    Your secret is safe with me - nice work!
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    well it looks like we are gonna be graced with frank for along time,, he has two doctors on his side nice job DAD
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    Wonderful gifts Frank.
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    Fantastic Frank...what a gent. Now just remember if you going to see them on the 29th take the camera with and get a picture of you all dressed in your gear.

    The more I think of it the more I think those pens will become very valued heirlooms.

    Oops by the way your secrets safe with me, I am too far away to be of trouble in this regard.

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    That's a great gesture, and a fine-looking final outcome.
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    Wonderful hand-made gifts. How can they not understand your sentiments?

    Great job!
    Lee Laird
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    The kids will love them Frank. Well Done.

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