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Thread: Shellac not setting up

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    Shellac not setting up

    Hi everyone

    I made a footstool for a friend for an Xmas present -- got it built so I could slap a bow on it and give it to her when we went to Xmas dinner, but had to take it back to finish it.

    It is maple, I am going to do a shellac sealer with poly wipe on.

    The shellac isn't setting up. It has been hot and humid here and letting it dry in the garage probably hasn't been a good thing. I bought it into the house so it has been sitting in AC for about 24 hours. If I press hard on a surface I can see a finger print mark. I have 3 coats on applied about 12 hours apart.

    So before I sand it off and start again I thought I'd ask your opinion.

    I'm using Zinnser Bullseye Clear, cut 50%.

    Thanks for the advice


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    I've never personally run into this, but apparently once shellac hits it's shelf life it's worthless. What's the date on the can say?
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    3/28/05 can says it is good for 3 years from manufactured date.

    Of course it has been stored in the garage and it does get a bit warm down here.


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    That's the main reason I always mix my own. The flakes should last forever.

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    Jay, both shellac (flakes) and alcohol are hygroscopic (sp?) and the shelf life is (I think) based on its being unopened. If it has been opened before I would worry that it may not have been resealed as well as it might have been and had absorbed too much water. Good shellac (at 1-2 lb. cut) should set up in less than 1/2 hour and re coat in an hour. Before you start sanding you might want to do a wipe down with alcohol to see how much you can get off.

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