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Thread: Another delayed project

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    Another delayed project

    I know for a fact that I moved these cherry legs back from Las Vegas in 1992... but I can't remember if I'd already started on them when we went there in 1989. Regardless, I have moved them to the new shop, and whether they've been sitting around for 17 years or 20, I'm gonna build the table for them. Finally.

    I also brought over the templates for the Hal Taylor rockers that I started cutting 3 or 4 years ago. I quit working on them when I got a finger in the bandsaw (lucky for sure that time!). I'm gonna use up some more South American mesquite on the first rocker.

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    well good fer yu and lookun forward to seeun it kirk.. it is amazing what one finds when they move from one place to another huh
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    After a very long time is better than never at all. Maybe you could make the cherry feet into claw style feet and explain that you needed to improve your carving skills before making progress?

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    keep going kirk!
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    One of those rockers is on my someday list. I bought some wood from a fellow a couple years ago that had 4 sitting in his living room. Each was made from a different wood and the dimensions were a little different for each. He said that he made one for him and one for each of his kids. They were the most comfortable rockers I've ever set in. He said the first one that he made took six months.

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    Well, after all these years, at least the wood will be seasoned and stable!



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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Lantry View Post
    Well, after all these years, at least the wood will be seasoned and stable! ...
    I was just gonna say the same thing. I'll bet that cherry is dry by now.

    Looking forward to seeing the end results, Kirk. I hope not to wait 20 years, though.
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