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Thread: Anyone having problems with PM's and token expiry

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    Anyone having problems with PM's and token expiry

    Hi All,

    Not sure what the cause is but i have repeated trouble with Tokens expiring when using the PM system.

    I will set up and type a new message, get all the way to the end and then come to post it and it says token expired and wipes my message.

    Recently I started typing my messages in word and then cut and paste to get them to go without loosing your thoughts each time and having to retype.

    I have had this issue with posts as well when attaching pictures.

    Its very frustrating and now and then i fortget to use word like i just did and lost the whole thought process etc in the pm i was sending.

    I regularly clear my browser etc and re log in so any other help would be appreciated.

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    I use firefox on Windows at work, and I use Firefox on Linux at home. I have not had any problems like that. (I also use firefox on Mac OS-X at home, but I haven't posted from my mac laptop recently)

    I did some googling and found this thread over on the forum. They talk a lot about server configuration stuff, but then farther down they write:

    If this problem is only happening to some people and cannot be reproduced, the probable cause is their browser cache. Have these users either try a different browser or clear their browser cache.

    Otherwise an ISP cache may also be to blame.
    Now, Rob, you mentioned clearing your browser's cache already, so I'm not sure what else to suggest other than try again, and have you tried a different browser?
    There's usually more than one way to do it... ........

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    Thanks Art

    I will give my google browser a try and see if it happens there.

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