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Thread: it didn't happen, so no pics

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    it didn't happen, so no pics

    While at the dump taking care of some brush, a recently storm felled tree was present in the form of chopped up bits 6" to 12" long. As I pulled up I said to my wife, "Look at all those bowl blanks." Her reply was less than enthusiastic, "You are not going to take wood home from the dump!" with associated threats of a complete lack of marital bliss.

    Not sure exactly what species it was, maybe a maple of some sort as it was a light colored hardwood. No leafy parts were attached to any of the blank sized bits.

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    it didn't happen, so no pics


    Sounds a lot like my wife.

    Oh well. 'nother time.

    Aloha, Tony

    P.S. Maybe curly Maple, or Birdseye???
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    you had to make a judgement call mark

    bowl blanks, or peace in the realm...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Baideme View Post
    Sounds a lot like my wife.
    I thinks it sounds a lot like many of our wives!
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    Our dump does not allow picking. They like to save it all for themselves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toni Ciuraneta View Post
    I thinks it sounds a lot like many of our wives!
    Sure doesn't sound like mine! If it saves money than something like that she is all for.

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    yeah, my wife would have said, drop me off at the house, and then go knock yourself out.(and then shed tell me to undress in the garage and not dare walk into the house after spending a day rumaging through the dump)

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    Man thats a no brainer Mark so how many bowl blanks did ya get

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    So, you dropped her off at home and went back?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Kosmowski View Post
    "You are not going to take wood home from the dump!"
    So . . . . she was giving you the OK to get what you need at the lumber yard?
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