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    Entertainment Unit

    I haven't posted anything for a while...however I have been lurking in the shadows watching what people are up to.

    After finally being able to re-organize the workshop more to my liking I put together a much needed piece of furniture for the lounge.

    The photos unfortunately are no as good as I would like. Both my wifes and my cameras dont seem to like lower level lighting. I had always thought Fuji made a good camera, but alas after owning these two I wont ever have another ( back to Canon methinks).

    Anywho I hauled some of my roughsawn 4 x 2 (100 x 50) into the shed and set too. This is the result. I didnt work from a plan, I just measured my equipment and designed it on the fly.

    The timber is native NZ Rimu (medium to hard wood). It has 2 coats of Wattyle Kauri Stain applied and two coats of Bees Wax polish to finish.
    The design and finish is semi rustic. I didnt sand the top completely flat as I wanted a used and aged look to this piece as it would suit the wood which is recycled from a factory.

    The end panels are made from the same timber and are made up of 1/2 x 3" shiplapped pieces, somewhat like old chests and mairtime cases. The front ends of these pieces are exposed to show the shiplapping as a detail.

    The only none native timber is the ply backing and the 4 ply pine interior sidepanels, which were stained.

    Needless to say SWMBO loves it, as I do too because it took a mess and made a nice centre piece for the lounge. We are movie fans so this setup gets a lot of use. Next is the cabinet that will house the dvd collectiion which now stands at about 450 or so
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    That looks great, Ralph. Good to see you post, too.
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    Hi Ralph! That really looks fantastic. LOML likes it too. I think her version of this has moved up on the honey do priority list.


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    I love it. I hope one is in my future
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    good work ralph!
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    Very nice! Glad it all came together for you.

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    Looks like you found a home for everything. And the plants look good, too.

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    nice work!

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    good job ralph keep the flat work coming!!! we need all the support we can get
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