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Thread: updated pictures

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    updated pictures

    Hello folks some of you may have seen some of these before, but i have been updating my website today (and hopefully improving my picture taking) so here they are- if you want to know any more details about any of them just ask

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    WOW! That is some very nice stuff George! Looks like you use a very natural finish on your work, what is it praytell? BTW what is your website, didn't see it in your profile.

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    Looking good, George. (And I especially like the stitched vase, too.) On my monitors the pics look like they could perhaps be lightened up just a tad. If your photo software has a "brightness" control on it, you might try tweaking that up just a little. On nearly all of my turning photos, I end up bumping up the brightness and the contrast a bit.
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    All of them are beautiful George but I'm with Vaughn I like the one with stitches the best.

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    thank you

    Barry- my website is and i use an organoil hard burnishing oil.

    Vaughn- yep they are a bit dark but if i lighten them too much i get a fuzzy ness around teh edges- i really struggle with photography and am considering buying a proffesinal light box, lights and graduated background

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    George, what photo editing software are you using? I took the liberty of tweaking one of your photos with Photoshop Elements. I increased the midtone contrast a little, and used the "Lighten Shadows" control to lighten it up slightly.

    Here's the before:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	George Watkins P1020058.jpg 
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    And the after:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	George Watkins P1020058T.jpg 
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    You can see that the adjustment caused the background to pick up a some tan shades from the piece, but I think overall the changes help make the subject stand out a bit more.

    Overall, I think your photos are quite good. A light tent and such will help make the process easier, but you're doing pretty nicely with your current setup, too.
    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson
    When the weird get going, they start their own forum. - Vaughn McMillan

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    George that is a good looking bunch of turnings. I agree with Vaughn that the pic's could be brightened a little.
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    thanks vaughn- i'm using picasa 3, i've just compared my website pictures to here and for some reason the ones on here are darker than my website but they are one and the same.

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    Those are some fantastic forms.. really like the shape and texture of them all.. I'm less enthusiastic about the carved pieces, but they are great too.

    I just looked at your website very briefly, and on my monitor the pictures are dark same as the ones you showed above. I think I have to agree that they do need a little tweek on the brightness. I have Picasa 3 on my system, but don't find it all that easy to use... mostly it just sit there and I use a Microsoft program I picked up some time back... I also have another program I use occasionally, depending on what I need to do.
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    I tweaked a couple of them as well:

    incidentally, I love that last pic, inredible action in those two pieces!

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