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Thread: Last Game of the season.

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    Last Game of the season.

    Patrick really enjoyed being the Catcher, and he had a pretty good eye for the game, and no fear of the ball.

    this was an out, but it's a neat photo just the same.

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    When I saw the thread title, I thought you were talking about my Lakers.

    Cool photos, Ned.
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    it is a great shot, too bad you couldnt get his facial expressions when he popped the ball.

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    Great pictures Ned... can't tell for sure what age he is, but guessing he's about 10... I always thought 10 was the perfect age for a boy and if I had had my way, my boy would have stayed 10 forever... he just turned 37 last week..he didn't care much for baseball, obviously didn't take after me there, I loved to play baseball... he preferred soccer, but mostly played goalie so he didn't have to do all that running.
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