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Thread: G&G Camera Box

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    G&G Camera Box

    This was an experiment on a video from The Woodwhisperer. I liked the way he made the G&G type joints. I needed a box for my camera to keep it clean in the shop. So just useing scrap pine that I had, I went to work putting it all together. I don't have a mortise machine to make the square holes for the ebony pegs. So I used a 1/2" forstner bit and then made a jig to hold some maple buttons. Then grond them to resemble the square ebony pegs. I just stained them and clear coat for a good finish. At 100 mph on a bumpy road at midnight it will pass, maybe
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    That looks great, Ron.

    I suspect it'd still look good at 30 mph on a smooth asphalt street, too.
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    Ya done good Ron - I like it.
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    100 MPH on a bumpy road? Na, looks good on a still screen I have about 80 square holes on my cabinet trim to do something with. Larry was over today and suggested just about what you have done and sounded very interesting, see it on your box may have just swayed my opinion on what I am going to do. I think I will pick up some ebony for some pegs Thanks Ron & Larry (now Larry, you know I am in need of a band saw to cut these things with got that new blade yet)

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    Very cool Ron. I love that style.
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    Good box Ron! As G&G fan myself I can't but like it even if it is not authentic G&G made!
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