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Thread: The new before tour of my shop

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    The new before tour of my shop

    I still have lots to do but here is a short tour (cos a long tour dont exist )

    A view of the overall shop.
    Attachment 2984

    Some storage/tools/screws bolts
    Attachment 2985

    The planer and jointer, doesnt look like they fit but it actually works!
    Attachment 2986

    Miter saw station, I have my metal cutting saw up. I'll use that aluminum track to make a tortion box for the planer.
    Attachment 2987

    Table saw with ripping slide.
    Attachment 2988

    My new clamp rack, I welded 1/2x1/2 angle iron with three horizontals.
    Attachment 2989

    Attachment 2990

    DC duct layout. The cyclone filter still needs to be connected. I am using a PVC 6" elbow.
    Attachment 2991

    welding cart and table
    Attachment 2992

    This is a dust collection hookup for my 12" CMS. Its 1-1/2" pvc street wye with elbowed extensions to pick up the dust from the center behind the blade and each side of the blade.
    Attachment 2993

    I'll show more in next post.

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    More shots of the dust collector for the 12" CMS
    Attachment 3000
    Attachment 3001
    Attachment 3002

    First part of the whole shop vacumn system. I simply plug in the vacumn hose to use in any given area of the shop.
    Attachment 3004

    I have a hose coming down from the ceiling at the dove tail jig for the roughter.

    Well, this is the first before pic, when done it will be much more user friendly.

    Thanks for looking.

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    Hi Julio,
    You have the makings of a real nice setup. Is your motto "NO DUST ALLOWED".
    What are you making or plan to make there, in your wood shop?
    Thanks for sharing these photos.
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    How does the set up you have on the miter saw do?

    Looks like you have a combo shop - wood and metal both. Thanks for sharing.

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    thanks for the tour julio! how`s the d/c work? i know you don`t have your filter installed but i`m sure you tested it(neighbors cat maybe ) tod
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    Since I had to move the shop to my new garage I havent doen any wood work yet. Ive been busy settin git up, running electric, ductwork and vac lines as well as compressed air lines.

    Unfortunately the new garage is smaller than the old one so I had to cram 10 pounds of **** in 8 pound box.

    My most difficult challange was getting the storage organized. I think I will put a loft in the garage for storage.

    Robert, I cleaned the shop before I took the pics so it would look nice and purdy. It's usually a mess.

    Travis, I used the welder when I made the cyclone and some metal work but I intend to be 100% wood.

    Tod, I used the cyclone in the old garage and it sucked big time. I am changing the connection to the filter from a metal elbow to a PVC elbow to increase air flow. I will eventually get a second toris filter to help increase the flow as well.

    I spent all commercial breaks and halftime from the Ohio/Gator game to adjust the cyclone, leveling and making sure its stable and fixed.

    My first big project will be a built in book shelf unit for my office similar to the one Steve Ash is building out of cherry.

    Travis, the set up gets about 60% of the dust from the CMS which is an improvement. I am going to install a "shield" to capture the rest.

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    Nice set up. I know how you feel. I'm working out of a 2 car garage my self, as well as stuff in a small'ish shed, and a 5x10 storage unit, and of course I still don't have enough room. I am jealous of the cyclone. I think that will be the next big buy I make. Thanks for the pics.

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