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Thread: Spool Holder

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    Spool Holder

    The LOML belongs to a group called Busy Bees, they make clothes for Barbie Dolls for under-privileged kids.

    She goes thru a lot of thread and wanted to be able to use the large cone type of spools, but they didn't fit too well on her sewing machine.

    I came up with this out of some scraps of Bocote that I had. Works great, and doesn't look too bad either.
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    Simple but great idea, and it looks real nice too. Careful though...if word gets you that you can make these, you might have a bunch of ladies wanting one of their own.
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    That's a great idea Dan. Vaughn's probably right, you're going to busy with these for a while.

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    good idea dan! that's why i always say that there's no such thing as scraps, just projects waiting to be made.
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    That has gots to be the bestest most prettiest spool holder EVER made on the planet.

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    Sure is a nice piece of wood for a Craft project, just the same, great idea and handy project. Hope she appreciates the wood used in the holder.

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    Well done.

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