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Thread: Jigs and fixtures

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    Jigs and fixtures

    Looking for a simple plan for a taper jig for table saw or band saw. Making staves for a Flower Pot and it says taper staves first. Appreciate any

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    Hi Sandra...welcome aboard.

    Here are a few taper jig plans I've found:

    There are surely lots of variations floating around, but the basic design is pretty much the same.
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    i made a "nice" taper jig and when i added up the cost of the things to make it i would have been better off to order one from rockler. thier's is square stock and most likely has more back bone then the one i made.

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    Here is the one I made and I use it for straightening the edge of a board and for tappers.

    It is just MDF and it really works very well. I do not have a miter bar on it, I use the fences of the saw as my edge. With this I can cut very wide boards, 24 inches on my saw.

    A few pictures of the jig at different angles.

    Click image for larger version. 

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