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Thread: Shop pics

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    Shop pics

    Here are a few pics of my shop before my last "reorganization". My shop is 24 x 32 (outside to outside), with concrete floors, 10 ft ceilings, a sink with water (used to have hot, have to fix a pipe underground), and a heat pump to keep it nice and toasty.

    First, a shot as you come in the door.
    Attachment 3007

    Here is where I used to have my clamps and still have my compressor
    Attachment 3005

    Here is the sink before and after. Took me 2 years to finally finish the doors and drawers. Got embarassed when I originally took the pictures and finally took the time to finish it.
    Attachment 3009
    Attachment 3008

    My tablesaw that likes to loosen the arbor nut (didn't get to go out and play tonight as I played Daddy.
    Attachment 3006

    Belt disk combo. Kind of regret buying this now. Wish I had just gotten an oscillating belt instead.
    Attachment 3010

    Where my lumber rack used to be. This turned out to be a pain as I could not store much wood.
    Attachment 3013

    The plywood rack holds about 10 sheets
    Attachment 3011

    My old drill press (before my recent upgrade)
    Attachment 3012

    A few more before pics to post before I start posting some now pics. Thanks for looking, comments and feedback welcome.

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    more before pics

    This will be the final of my before pictures.

    My Performax 22-44 drum. It sure beats trying to flatten panels by hand, but since I can finally use a hand plane a little, I do go over panels with a handplane after sanding.
    Attachment 3017

    Here is my old bandsaw, a Delta 14". I spent about $800 upgrading and tuning it up to turn around and get a new one. Oh well. I figure I will keep it to do small stuff and curved cuts.

    Attachment 3018

    Here is my before wood scrap bin. It sat right under my clamp rack.
    Attachment 3015

    My screw cabinet was given to me by a friend. Takes up a fair amount of floor space, but it holds a lot.
    Attachment 3016

    Lastly, part of my wall benches where I used to have my mortiser and other miscellaneous stuff. This is now where my laptop sits.
    Attachment 3019

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    Shop after

    I am going to post just 2 after pictures tonight, figure give me something to do tomorrow night.

    First, my new (as of Jan 2006 not 7) dust collector - It really sucks. This is before I did all the new piping. I can sincerely say I HATE metal pipe, but I will save that for another post.
    Attachment 3020

    My new bandsaw. Reading too much of Tod Evans and Paul Cresti on SMC caused me to buy this. Cost me a vacation at Disney World. This saw is small compared to Tod's, but it gets the job done. You can see in the back the cyclone has been reworked piping wise.
    Attachment 3021

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    travis, thanks for the tour! heck that saw has more resaw capacity than mine does! it`s good to see another "lived in" shop ....and your pipe looks neater than mine does! tod
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    Dang Travis, that is one heck of a hobbyist work shop. Lots of space, nice layout, impressive set of tools, and sawdust too. Just need one more picture of something you've made in your shop (besides tool cabinets and jigs). My wife thinks that I built my shop to build my shop.

    Based on your avatar pic of your kids, I predict that trip to Disney World has just been postponed, not lost. Thanks for sharing. rick
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    wish I had half that space

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    Outstanding, Travis!
    That's one of the best shops I've seen. Love the before and after pictures of the sink area . Like Julio said, I like to have half of your space too.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Looka great Travis

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    Great tour Travis.
    Steeling some ideas
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler Howell View Post
    Great tour Travis.
    Steeling some ideas
    yeah tyler you got enough room in yur new shop spot that you can have us al over for barbcue and still get your work done..and we wouldnt even get dust on our ribs
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