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Thread: Opinions On a Router Combo

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    Opinions On a Router Combo

    Hello everyone. My name is Kerry and I've been lurking on and off for a long while. I think my last login was something like 2 years ago. I know many of you from the Rockler forum, but thought I'd start getting a bit busier over here.

    I have a question for the group regarding a new router combo I'm going to get to replace a yard sale bought craftsman that died rather quickly. I bought a Bosch colt at my needs have been modest. This is cross posted at Rockler.

    C & P
    OK, my little Bosch colt is going strong and for any who are thinking of buying I can highly recommend it.


    It's time to replace the DOA router I got at the yard sale and I'm researching up a storm. 2 1/2 Plunge and fixed based combo will be my next purchase and I'll likely have it in the Router table quite a bit.

    I'm reading a lot of reviews praising and condemning what seem to be the "top" Routers:


    Porter Cable



    It all seems a mixed bag.

    Any one have insight on this situation?



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    well for starters, if you plan on switching it from table to hand held alot your gonna want to look at the ease of doing so with the brand you look at.. table use should be no less than 2hp and preferably more if yu can.. i use a hitachi in the table and like it but i dont switch them out.. porter cable is in my opinion the easist for switching. and i have used them both in and out of the table. milwaukee has a good following to..
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    You missed my favorite and what has become my go-to router; Milwaukee 5616-24.
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    I have 2 of the Dewalts and they work for me.

    I got my 2nd as a refurb.

    I think there are pro and cons with each unit and each of us like what we have.

    Your list is probably the top 4.

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    I have the Hitachi, and quite like it.

    Available on Amazon & other places quite nicely priced.

    Actually, I have 3 - One in a Table, and one in each of fixed & plunge bases.

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    When I decided I needed a new(er) router, I did like you and started reading reviews. And, like you, I found that the top rated in most reviews was the Bosch. Except for price, it fit my needs. Surprisingly, the second place rated was a Skill 1820. It rated high in all areas, adjustment, ergonomics, power, and on and on. What it lacked was durability. It is made for the occasional use shop guy and won't hold up to regular demands. I'm the classic occasional use guy.
    I found a, like new, used one on eBay and got it for $25.00, including shipping.
    Thus far, it is a great router. You could buy several and toss when they go bad for less money than a Bosch. The new price is under $100.00.

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    Have a look at the craftsman one thats around $100 for the fixed and plunge base. I cant remember the model number but over at it's highly regarded. I have it mounted in the white bosch table and it's great.
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