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Thread: Thoughts, Comments, Suggestions ???

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    Thoughts, Comments, Suggestions ???

    I have been asked to take this plate and mount it into something so it can be a clock.

    Really it is a clock face.

    It has a hole in the middle for a clock works.

    It has the numbers for the time.

    It is just a tad over 1/4 thick.

    It is 13-5/8 diameter.

    Presently the back has green velvety felt adhered to it.

    I cannot use any sort of adhesive at all - NO - NONE - NADA.

    I do have an idea of two - but do not wish to influence - YOUR - creative juices.


    Sooooo ---- Ideas? Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Recommendations?

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    make a box frame for it, square or hex, with a rabbet just deep enough to come up to the outer edge of the circles of the zodiac signs. it looks like you have a good 3/16" to 1/4" to play with. with it in place, shouldn't move at all.
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    almost forgot, and i got bit on this. if you make a frame for it, make sure you have enough room for the glass pane, the plate, and the clock works behind it. also with the frame, you have a way of mounting it to the wall.
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    No, huh?
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    take a piece of mdf, and use a compass to cut out a circle 1/8 of an inch less than the diameter of the clock(if you make a 1/4 inch less diameter, use a 1/4 inch rabbet)
    cut out the inside of the circle carefully then use sand paper to sand close to the rounded lines.
    place this template over a piece lets say, 3/4 inch, use a plunge router with a bit with a guide on it, and cut out the circle through the wood you choose.
    then take a rabbet bit, 1/8 rabbet so you dont hide the clocks rim, run it along the inside of the circle you cut, enough depth so the clocks back is flush, , depending on how you want to mount with back and all, then the clock will sit in the rabbetted out channel and you can secure it from the back using a piece of wood with a few screws, Ofocurse you have to figure out what movement and if you need to make an alternate piece attached to the back to hide the movement and all, unless the movement itself has a place to hang it from.

    you asked.
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