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Thread: Day off - New Questions

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    Day off - New Questions

    Had the Day off and decided to finish up some projects sitting around. I finished each of them differently for the fun of it and trying to find that outstanding finish - endless chase....
    Picture 1 - this was a rather bland (light yellow) wood when i finished it so i put on a light coat of Analine dye sanded down some with 400 grit and put
    on several coats of laquer - now waiting a week or so to dry well and probably will leave it alone at that point
    Picture 2 - Same kind of bland wood - light black analine and sanded well with 320 - then red analine and sanded lightly with 400 - then yellow analine
    lightly on and lightly sanded again - several coats of laquer - waiting to dry and will be complete.
    Picture 3 - Experimenting with some more bland pine again - finished turned in one session - then placed in oil soak for a week solid - taken out every
    other day and wet sandeding over the container with 320 wet/dry and oil - then back to soak - In the picture it had been out of the soak for
    the day and i hand rubbed in a couple coats of antique oil on it - letting it sit out in the open in my garage to see if it will dry without
    cracking. Im going to leave it now for 24hrs without doing anything to see how it goes.........
    Picture 4 - small turning from scrap wood - just sanded to 320 and 5 coats of laquer on - sitting to dry now - the crack at the pith happened before i
    turned it but for the fun of it i put CA on it and turned it anyway - My intent was to use it for other experimental finishing but one of the kids
    liked it even with the crack so I just finished it out for them.
    Picture 5 - Just a picture of my friend - Mr. Steady - which has saved me alot of grief in turning..........

    Any thoughts or comments from the gang ??
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Brown Bowl-1.jpg   Fire Bowl-1.jpg   Oiled Bowl-2.jpg   Small Dish-2.jpg   Steady-1 (600 x 450).jpg  

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    Dan nice work.really like the way the first one turned the small one to even with the crack.

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    I like numbers 3 and 4 (and of course 5) Dan.
    Funny thing about "shinny" pieces, in that they say "don't touch". Mat finishes give warmth to the piece.

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    I've never worked with the dyes, but like the way all of yours turned out. Good color, form and finish. Have to agree with Frank on the shiny though... I like to do shiny pieces now and then, but my wife always fusses at me that they don't look "natural" and she doesn't like the shiny pieces.

    I just did a show yesterday.. didn't sell much, but had tons of people through the booth, lots of kudo's and such. Notices that the pieces people picked up and handled were the more satin finishes... some of the pieces were less than perfect, some had bark inclusions, a few had cracks where the holes and places where the ants had eaten out the heart, but I turned anyway... my wife referred to my bowls as "fondle" ware..

    I envy you the steady rest... I desperately need to pick one up and soon... I had a bowl in my longworth to fix the bottom and I guess wasn't tight enought... a very slight catch and the bowl hit the back wall of the shop nearly 10 feet away.. made a hell of a noise... just glad it went south instead of north.
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    Good looking pieces Dan. That is a good looking steady rest.
    Bernie W.

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    I agree with the mat finish when people are looking at them. I have taken mine into work for people to buy and they have bought up the mat finish ones (semi gloss laquer or ones that i have applied antique oi/danish oil to and buffed). The reason i did these is because i had a can of gloss laquer and thought i would use it up.
    When i sell my stuff I do not ask alot for the pc's because i work with cheap people...I have noticed that the ones i sell quicker tend to be the bigger ones 8" or so and up - I always ask what made them choose the ones they chose. Alot say the grain pattern in the wood - others say the size because they can think of uses for it. I also notice people will turn them over and look at the bottom.
    These were turned out of some type of pine my gardner brought me and very bland but easy to turn. If the grain is nice I finish them in a nartural way but with these it wasnt just a bland blonde color so i tried out some of the dyes.......
    The steady rest has helped me to save alot of work that i used to lose to chatter and cracks - Learned quickly without it i would have to go slowly and do my final wall thickness at the start of hollowing otherwise it would be to hard or impossible to eliminate it later on. If you get one get a good strong one.

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