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Thread: summer solstice piece's

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    summer solstice piece's

    A rare mid summer day in the workshop for me today

    here's the starting point- i was sent this wood and have been asked to make 3 bits with it- one tall box-one screw thread box and one square platter/plaque

    I asked for one pratice piece per project

    this oak was stained so lent itself to this job perfectly- it was laminated for me by my customer-perfect lamination

    this oak is quarter sawn

    heres the first pratice plaque- mounted on a 6" vac chuck

    this texture was done using the sorby texturing tool

    blow torched the wire brushed

    heres the 2nd plaque- marked out- i cut the radial groves with a 1/16" parting tool then carved the bisecting groves with a v tool

    i blow torched it twice- wire brushing it between burnings!!

    I decided to rough the stripy ebony out and let it settle for a while

    the tall box blank between centres- its about 20" long by 5" square

    unusually for me i decided to mount it in my new gripper jaws on a 4" spigot

    here it is nearly done

    and heres all the bits

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    Beautiful pieces George!
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    If those are practising pieces I wonder what you'll do when you work full throttle on real ones!
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    Great work, George. I especially like the tall box. Good stuff.
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    Great job on all George. I like the tall box.
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    Beautiful work, George!

    I like them all and I'm not generally all that enchanted with burned pieces.
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    I enjoyed your photos. Hope I get that good some day.


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    Nice pieces George Like the burnt platters but the tall box is something I would like to aspire to
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