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Thread: Whats in a Name?? or I am who I am

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    Whats in a Name?? or I am who I am

    I recently signed up for another forum, and received their E-mail informing me that they rejected me because their rules state that all members must present them with their legal name and E-mail address.

    Seventy-three years ago my Father, may he rest in peace, gave me the name Jiggs Elphison. My sister who is older than I is named Margaret. For you older members you may remember the comic strip Bringing up Father. The main characters were Jiggs and Maggie. We received this honor because the creator of the comic strip McManus, was a close personal friend of my grandparents.

    Well apparently their forum administrators will not accept my name. Yes this problem has surfaced many times in the past, it's good enough for Uncle Sam, Social Security, IRS etc. but not for Woodworking Forums. My birth certificate does show a middle name, it's Wm. Not William just Wm. Try to pronounce it.

    I figure if it was good enough for my Father it's good enough for me. Yes sometimes I get tired of the question, "Is that a nickname?" or "How did you get that name?" That best short answer I've come up with is, "My father wanted a cocker spaniel!"

    I just want to thank the Family Woodworking Forum for accepting me for who I am, without requiring me to produce legal documents or DNA.

    Jiggs Wm. Elphison

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    Not sure how you slipped through ...guess we have to look into how we let people in.

    My brother's name is Matt, I'm to young to remember Mutt and Jeff but my parents had to hear a few jokes about it.
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    Their loss, our gain! welcome to the Family. I think you'll find this is a great place. Jim.
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    the door is always open and hey we dont even care what you look like either i got in welcome jiggs
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    Welcome Jiggs! I think you will like it here--nice people with good info.


    "Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."
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    Welcome Jiggs, I married a gal who grew up a few miles past the "end of the Earth" in Michigan's U.P. I like your location .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiggs Elphison View Post
    "My father wanted a cocker spaniel!"
    Welcome Jiggs and that is a great story but, the cocker spaniel line busted me up .
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    Trust me, Jiggs, your name did raise an eyebrow when you first registered, but I figured it must be real, since nobody would some up with a nickname like "Elphison".

    I had long wondered if you were named after the Jiggs of comic strip fame. That's cool that your family has connections back to the man who made "Jiggs" popular. (and I remember the comic strip, too.)
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    Welcome to the group.. Know the group you mentioned, won't mention their name..
    Fathers have a way with their children's names... Govenor Hogg of Texas names his girls Ima and Ura.

    There's an old story going around... a young guy joined the military. as the story goes, he didn't have actual names, only initial... R. B. Jones... the military being the military put the word "only" after each initial... he did his entire military career as Ronly Bonly Jones...
    Tellico Plains, TN
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    Jiggs, have you any special WWing jigs to help with saw setup and such? I too have a quaint rememberance of names , when I was growing up there was a Barber named E.O. Story goes that when he was born they aske the Grandmother which name she liked and she said Either One sounds good to me... As a result Either One Richardson (E.O.) was defined. I saw the Barber's liscense and there it was in bold print.

    Welcome Waiting to hear about some good Jigs, Jiggs

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