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Thread: Showing first piece from the "diseased wood"

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    Showing first piece from the "diseased wood"

    On the 15th I posted my wood gloat... I had picked up a truck load of spalted maple from a lady who said I was welcome to the wood... it had "that disease"... this is actually the 3rd piece I've turned, but don't have the others in the house... brought this one in to show LOML before I do a finish on it. Probably will do a light coat of sanding sealer then several coats of wipe on poly... this is also only my 3rd attempt at a hollow form with a small opening.. tedious, but lots of fun.
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    Tellico Plains, TN
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    Chuck that's one sweet piece and really fantastic looking diseased wood.

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    good show chuck!
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    Pretty ugly stuff.
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    Actually, very well done.

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    that is some sweet wood chuck!!! that top is excellent colorun..i hope you got all of that one,,the wood that is
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    Chuck that is a good looking piece and really good looking wood. Well done.
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    Yeah, that's a pretty bad disease. I think you should send it all out here to California. We have specialists out here who might be able to help.

    Nice work, Chuck. How big is it?
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    Interesting form, looks like it's got a lid

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    Great work Chuck, you really brought out the spalted effect in the wood with that piece. It will be hard for people who dont know to work out how those black lines got there.

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