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Thread: The day Stu loses it...

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    The day Stu loses it...

    This is the what the L-shop is going to look like the day that Stu finally cracks...

    link here

    ps: seriously, I doubt the shelves that Stu builds would ever fail like that.
    There's usually more than one way to do it... ........

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    I don't know - foreigner cooped up in small subterranian space, constantly packing in more big stuff through a trap door.
    He may as well be stuck in a submarine under the Black Sea for months on end with no glimpse of sunlight, fresh air, or elbow room.
    He wouldn't crack - not a chance.

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    Wow, I'm just in awe................

    ......... at how much wasted space they have in their shop

    Looks like a "Supermarket" thus it would be mostly "Supermarket Wine", so no great loss there....

    I have NEVER trusted them pop together metal racks, if just one thing is not popped together right, that kind of catastrophic failure can occur.

    Sure glad that is not my mess to clean up
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    It was probably that last bottle that went on there....just too much.

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