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Thread: Day Off and Finishing up projects

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    Day Off and Finishing up projects

    With work slow i got the day off today and decided to finish up a couple projects so i thought i would post the pictures and comments. Let me know your thoughts and I always appreciate the advice on here.

    Pictures 1-6 --- I got this antique armoire from a estate sale for $125 in about 8 pc's but all the pc's were there and I thought it would be a fun project. It had its headaches like nothing aligned properly even when you squared it up - I suppose it had warpped over the years and without destroying it by cutting and planning i decided to tweak and play around with it until i got it aligned the best i could then glued it up slowly a couple pc's at a time over several days just to ensure that I didnt screw up the opening and closing of the doors (put them on and off countless times to check). I built a shelf out of lower grade pine board from Home Depot with small oak 2x2's for support (they were on sale), bought some hard wood backing from Home Depot and replaced the original that was severly cracked and missing a section. The wood on the unit was split in different areas - both small and large but i was able to glue them back perfectly using bar clamps (no fillers were used). The doors were the largest challange because they didnt align but i took off the pin type old hinges and saw they were bent up bad so i straighten them back out and replaced them which made the door on the left shut perfectly - the door on the right drags a bit on the base if you shut it all the way-- but ill live with it - I decided not to try to plane it or hand plane etc -because i am not any good at it.
    In Picture 3 - I made a Spindle type post for support because now im going to put a big screen in it. I can add another shelf later in the upper portion if i decide or leave it alone.
    Pictures 4 and 6 show the unit finished - Thanks to all and the suggestions on the finish work - I rubbed it down with alcohol (assuming shellac was originally used), stained up the pine i bought to match , then touched it up here and there as the wood itself was in good shape, two coats of Danish oil, hand rubbed down and Wallllllllla........Thanks to all for the advice.
    probably wondering what does it have to do with turning hugh ? well i did make the spindle support on the lathe .....LOL

    Pictures 7-10 are some bowls that i have just started the finish work on .

    Picture 7 - Large mesquite bowl with a small inlay of stone where there was a bad rotten spot going deep into the wood - oil soaked in
    Linseed/Mineral/Varnish mixture for 1 week and two additional wet sanded coats of Danish oil - now in drying stage.

    Picture 8 small natural edge bowl unknown wood - oil soaked for 4 days and drying out now for a few days ant then whatever i think of next for the
    finish.....very dull looking .......any suggestions ?

    Picture 9 small bowl unknown wood - oil soaked for 4 days also and drying out. Again not sure how to finish it yet but it seems very bland and dull even
    after the oil soaking......Thoughts ?

    Picture 10 medium size pine bowl that was soaked for a week in Linseed/Mineral/Varnish mixture - dried for a week and now getting several coats of
    spary on Laquer. This one is looking very good with the finish.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Unit-2.jpg   Unit-5.jpg   unit-7.jpg   unit-6.jpg   unit-10.jpg  

    Doors.jpg   Large-1 (600 x 450).jpg   Large-2 (600 x 450).jpg   Large-3 (600 x 450).jpg   Large-5 Finish (600 x 450).jpg  

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    The armoire looks like it came out nicely. Dunno what to suggest on the matte-finish bowls...I don't have any experience with the oil soaking method.
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    The armoire looks good Dan. Don't know what to tell you about the oil soak. I don't like oil soaking at all. Never had any luck getting a shine on it. I use mostly Antique Oil and General Finishes Seal-A-Cell follow by Arm-R-Seal. Another one I like a lot is either satin or gloss Waterlox depending on the look I want. With the AO or Seal-a-Cell I brush it on till it doesn't soak in anymore and then wipe it off. With the AO I do the same proces for 3 to 4 coats and then wait a week or more then buff.
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    Dan, here is my $.02 worth on your bowls and the finish. 1st the obvious, is the varnish you used in your mixture gloss or flat? You'll never a gloss finish using a flat finish. 2nd, you'll need to want more than one coat for sure. Even with soaking you usually have to give it several baths in the oil before the wood is completely saturated. When I was using DO only, I would go with as many as 15 coats, saturate, wait 15-20 minutes, wipe off excess, allow to dry. In a communication with Ron Kent one time he talked about doing his cycle 20-25 times on some pieces of wood. You just don't know how much it is going to absorb. 3rd, once you are happy with what the oil is doing, give it a week or so and take the piece to the buffing wheel. You can take a piece that is oil saturated and nearly flat up to a pretty bright shine. Hope that helps some.

    The little vase form in my avatar is finished with one coat of lacquer cut 50/50 with thinner (wiped off) and 2 coats of DO hand rubbed on. Beall buffed after that. Not high gloss, but it does have a Satin shine to it.
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    Thanks Vaughn and Bernie

    The oil soak on the bowls is something new ive been trying out. I am constantly experimenting with the way I finish my bowls. I try dyes, oils, laquer, varnishes, varnish mixtures etc-.
    I do use AO and have buffed and it works great. I will try the Seal a cell and Armor seal as i do have some of it.
    I have also finished sanded and just buffed with tripoli, white diamond and carnuba (only wax i have). It leaves a satin type of finish but have not been able to reach the semi gloss finish this way.
    Because i have to order AO - I use alot of Danish Oil in my work - 98% of all my work gets oil as the first coat of anything unless im using my dyes. The oil seems to give me a very nice depth and really makes the work pop (so to speak).
    I have had some good luck controlling cracking especially around the pith by using the oil soaking. After a good soaking I let it dry for the day and then i apply another couple coats of Danish or AO over the next few days depending on what i have on hand and put the bowl inside where its cooler and let it dry slowly (sometimes bagged and recently trying not to bag at all). The last bowl in the picture came out nice from the soak.

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    None of you guys ever seem to mention good old fashioned wax polish (not carnuba). I sand to the best finish can then wax polish. a couple of coats does it. It soaks in, preserves the wood and how much you buff it dictates how glossy it is. Added bonus is that most housewives (over here at least) have wax polish in the house so can continue with it themselves as required.


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