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Thread: My shop

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    My shop

    Probably the oldest building,I think it date's back to the 1700's
    The company that I work for has a much bigger shop,but this is mine.

    another hobbie

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    Vince, WOW have you thought about restoring to original walls.

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    Where did that arch with the failing plaster lead to? It looks huge over that floor model drill press.

    I'd love a more complete photo retrospective on the property . . .

    1770's - huh? You better keep your location a secret or your gonna walk into the shop one day and find your 230 year old tree trunk posts have disappeared and are replaced by lolly columns . . . .

    I need to retire and move before I'll have that kind of room. The only issue is that's probably 20 years off into the future still.



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    Not sure but way back when these were warehouse's on the water front.Here are a few more pics.

    Back in those days I think they used molasses and sea sand for cement,its really crumbly.I do not know how these old buildings make through hurricanes.

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    Very cool, Vince. Seems like shops still look like shops, no matter where they are in the world. I'll bet those old building have a lot of stories to tell. Don't think I'd want to be in one in an earthquake, though. It's a nervous habit I picked up in California. On the other hand, I used to live across the street from a 100 year old stone house here in the foothills above LA. Despite the fact that the building had withstood the past 100 years of earthquakes here, the owner of the house apparently couldn't get earthquake insurance.
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