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Thread: stillson wrench valworth mfo co boston usa

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    stillson wrench valworth mfo co boston usa

    a while ago while taking a glue trap out of a small hole near the walls,in the building I work, (pipes, old pipes) I saw a wrench sitting there. an old pipe wrench.
    there was a cracked wooden handle with what looked like cloth wrapped it to hold it on, when I pulled on the handle, it came off, I threw it out.
    I came across the wrench today, was looking through the old box of tools laying around my store, and decided to look at the marks on this tool.
    its stamped, pat aug 1882, with valworth mfo co boston usa
    stillson is stamped on it also.
    does it have any value, now that I threw the handle out, its just a threaded round handle?
    Ill take a picture when I get home.(looked around internet, doesnt really give a value, other old wrenches are 10-15 dollars)

    I also went back down to look back into the same spot, it was gone, the new boiler guys sealed up the walls and removed alot of old pipes.
    I just wanted to see if there was a body near by, maybe some guy fell asleep down there 80 years ago.
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    Still looks like a good tool. Looks like a new project to make a new handle for it.

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