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Thread: Asking for a little help here....... (Update Sept. 6th)

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    Asking for a little help here....... (Update Sept. 6th)

    I got this e-mail from my mom concerning my cousin, who is about 43 years old.

    Hi kids;
    This is to let you know that Dan is in Hospital in Critical Care.
    (I don't know if that means ICU)
    He collapsed at work on Wed. (He manages a Greek restaurant)
    He had been having a problem with 'dragging one of his legs for about 6 weeks.
    Been to doc, who made an appointment with a neurologist for Sept 17th.
    Also had physio, etc.
    On Wed, after some testing a doc walked into the room and announced to Dan that he had 3 months to live!
    Thank god his girl friend Jen was with him.
    I just talked to his dad and this is what is planned.
    [Saturday June 27]
    Dan has been screened for cancer and besides one kidney, there are 6 spots on his brain, and something unknown on his liver.
    They will take out his kidney ASAP, then test to see if it is the primary source.
    The weekend and holiday staffing for post-op care is the biggest problem.
    He also needs an MRI, which they hope to do with the 'portable' machine Mon/Tues.
    Locally they don't have a permanent machine.
    His dad says Dan is very brave and doing his best to figure out what else can be done.
    So will keep you posted!
    Please keep them all in your prayers!
    Love Mum & Dad
    I grew up with Dan and his brother Jim, they were like the younger brothers I never had, in many ways, I was closer to them than to my own older brother.

    If you have the time and the inclination, some good vibes, thoughts and or prayers would be very much appreciated.



    I added a pic of Dan and I, summer of 2004

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	dan and stu july 04.jpg 
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    Dan is the one on the left......
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    If you have the time and the inclination, some good vibes, thoughts and or prayers would be very much appreciated.

    Consider it done Stu

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    Done here also Stu ....

    Tony, BCE '75

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    Lakeport NY and/or the nearest hotel
    got your back!

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    be proud to !

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    Only too willing to. Done.

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    It would be an honor Stu.......keep us updated
    Every child deserves a family. Adopt. Foster. Get involved.

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    On the way.

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    Our prayers are with you guys!


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