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    bandsaw box

    I was looking at Doug Stowe's book on boxmaking(taunton), looking in the index, and noticed the last few pages had a bandsaw box.
    (the book box was exceptional, beautiful wood and work, I just winged it as usual, but tried to follow along)
    I think I cheated, since I only had a piece of scrap maple not very thick, and I wanted some beef to the box, so I was about to glue on some birch to thicken it up, figured hey, its 4/4 birch, a cutoff of maybe 7 or 8 inches, why not just slice it down to 1/2 inch and glue it up front and back. Still had to resaw, just not out of the original block.
    I attempted to put the curve on the sides, but me and the bandsaw didnt see eye to eye on that one, so its sort of a curved tapered from front to back.
    I had a metal tiny knob, but sanded a piece of mahogany round for the knob handle just to get even with my wife for making fun of my attempted knobs for the coffee table.(I made it for her,besides, noone else wants my work)
    maple center, birch front and back, mahogany top and bottom and knob.(I have alot of mahogany I resawed when I first got the bandsaw and showed the stress in the mahogany boards I had)
    I put a very light coat of oil on it tonight so I can see the bad spots and sand it out tomorrow and reoil it.
    (and for the record, I mentioned Doug Stowes book as the source, since it is, but in no way would want to insult his fantastic book on boxmaking with my lame attempt. I am totally new to the bandsaw, so my skills are evident)
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    Bravo Allen - Your first attempts never cease to amaze me. Well done!
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    thanx, its always my second, third and fourth attempts that dissapoints me

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    Great job!!
    I love cutting out bandsaw boxes!!!!!
    I hate sanding them!!!!!!!!
    I can't remember where I read it or who stated it, but it isn't my original statement, bandsaw boxes ought to be called sanding boxes as you spend a large amount of time sanding.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Looks good to me for a first. Like most things, bandsaw skills will improve with practice. And at least you're practicing. You've got me beat there.
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    Cute and clever.

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