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Thread: any tips for replacing single cedar planks on siding?

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    any tips for replacing single cedar planks on siding?

    I need to replace a few pieces of the cedar plank siding on my house due to woodpecker damage...

    I'm assuming that I just pull the old one off and slide a new one in, but I figured I'd ask the experts first...


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    what are yu calling cedar plank? is it running horizontal or vertical and being a set width, like boards ? or are yu talking the split shake stuff?
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    There are a lot of old methods but new technology has made it more easy to accomplish. The new tolls Multi-Max and the Dremel version have a metal cutting blade that can reach up under the lap and slice the nails , allowing for free removal of the blank (either cedar shingles or lapped siding) Might be worth an investment.

    They also make a tool similar to a slimjim for poping open car doors. It is a flat piece of steel with a sharpened hook that can grab the nails and with a sharp blow from a hammer you can yank out the nails.

    With horizonal lapped siding you can pry up and pop the nails loose , carefully remove all nails and slide out the damaged siding, re-insert ( put some caulking on the ends of the new piece (between the joints) and re nail, using new nail holes holes and caulk the old holes.
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    Just make sure you get #1 cedar for the replacement wood.

    I am in the middle of replacing all of my cedar with Hardie Plank.

    Check out this Thread

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    thanks guys, project went pretty well.... ended up using my sawzall to cut the nails, a bit of caulk on the edges and slipped the new pieces in.

    I rate it a 1/2 a six-pack on the difficulty scale.

    now, staining the rest of the siding, while not difficult, what a pita.

    next time, it's all getting torn off and replaced with vinyl.


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