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Thread: Happy 4th. Any big plans for the long Weekend

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    Happy 4th. Any big plans for the long Weekend

    As we celebrate this independence day lets not forget those boys and girls who are out there keeping america free. So anyone got any plans for the 4th. I'll be in the shop all three days but I will take a little time for a Bar-B-Que, (ribs). And there is a great fireworks show at Schnepf Farms about 2 miles away so we'll sit out front and watch That.
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    I'm not sure how the weekend will play out. My wife is gone for 2 weeks and a friend is in town from Calif.

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    I am going to be locking myself in the shop for three days... only coming out for food and refreshments...

    would you believe that I'm going to be building the bed this weekend, and also organizing my shop? Plus going to see some fireworks and a bonfire in the back yard at some point if things dry out? oh, and also learning to use sketchup some more thanks to Dave.

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    FIL taking my daughter to an I-Cubs game tonight (AAA affiliate of the Chicago Cubs) so LOML and I have a few hours to go out on the town by ourselves. Tomorrow shop time and painting a bedroom. Saturday off to a friends house to watch area fireworks from their deck that has a great view of the metro. BBQ and cocktails there, sleeping there too so maybe to many cocktails ...Sunday will be a rest day with a little shop time too.

    Happy 4th to all of you!
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    Well, I'm glad some of the companies you work for are giving you Friday off as the holiday. Not so in the car business. We will be closed Sat, but it wasn't my Sat to work, so no gain for me. In fact, it pushes the Sat rotation back a week and makes me work the Sat of Labor Day.
    Going up to Lake Texhoma to my parents house for the Fourth. They have a community picnic. I'll get to meet all the people that have been so good to my parents transporting them to the Dr. visits when the need arises, and thank them for their help. There will be a parade of decorated golf carts. Sounds like a hoot. I'll try to remember to take the camera and get some pictures.
    Have a safe and happy holiday everyone! Jim.
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    my wife is having 30 women over tonight for an outdoor movie night, women only!

    like theres 30 women of all ages that could keep their traps shut for 2 hours!

    never happen, but Im hoping the rain doesnt spoil things for them.

    I will be a server, a popcorn make, a beverage retriever, an overall take care of any small things type of worker, after working 10 hours retail today.

    Ill take a picture.

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    Spreading my time between home duties and shop. I have a project I've been working on that I hope to have finished next week.
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    Well, I am going to through some ribs and chicken on the smoker in the morning and make some ice cream and later in the afternoon have my folks come over for dinner with the family. I might get a little time to clean in the shop but other than that just a lazy day.


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    we'll be heading over to my cousin's house, for a family picnic, good thing he has lakeshore property. hopefully we'll touch the canon off a few times as well.

    ned, don't forget bathroom breaks, because if you'll be doing that much woodworking, with all the shavings and sawdust about, you might switch to hamster mode...

    allen, all i can say is be careful, those hen parties can get pretty rough some times...
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    Have a great celebration tomorrow you guys in the good old USA.

    Best place i have been on the 4th July is Pittsburg. Those fireworks are amazing. Some of the best i have ever seen.

    Happy 4th July...

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