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Thread: annual outing with grandsons

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    annual outing with grandsons

    My fraternal twin grandsons and I went to the Buffalo Point National Park Serivce campground near Yellville, Arkansas this week. While there we took a canoe float on the only national river, the Buffalo. This campground is only 40 miles from my home and is part of all the great beauty that endears us to this part of the U.S.
    But, I digress. Must switch to bragging.
    Attached is a picture of the boys, age 9, while on the river. Brendan to the left and Heath closest to me.
    Note: Grandpa was a good grandpa. Made them wear life vests even though they swim like fish and sunscreen because their mother would skin me if I didn't make them use it.
    We took a 7 1/2 mile float that required five hours. That included several stops. One to eat and let the boys swim. Two just to let the boys swim. And, one to allow me to rest and get in shade to avoid heatstroke. My energy reserves ran out at about four hours. The last hour paddling was real work. Feared my shoulders would be very sore and stiff in the a.m. but they are only a tiny bit sore.
    Goes without saying, both the river and the experience were beautiful.
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    By the looks on their faces....grandpa did good!
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    A great day for you!

    There's nothing like a good canoe paddle down nice quiet river.

    Dan Gonzales
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    and to think that pic had to come from something digital good job grandpa,, be glad yu got some with that kind of intersts yet...
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    That's a trip that will be long talked of and remembered by all! Grampa did GREAT!!


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    That will be a very memorable occasion Frank.

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    Looks like it was a good time Frank. We usually go to the Elk river, but need to get down that way and try the Buffalo.

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